EVM Integration and Seedling

2 min readApr 27, 2023


Dear Seedling Community,

We’re excited about the recent successful deployment of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility on Cherry Network’s Testnet, marking a major development that will bring benefits to both Seedling and the wider Cherry Ecosystem when released on the Cherry Mainnet after a few weeks. Here’s how it will impact us:

Attracting more projects to Cherry, fueling Seedling’s growth

EVM integration will make Cherry Network more attractive and accessible to a broader range of developers and projects. With increased compatibility, projects will be more inclined to consider Seedling as their go-to launchpad for raising funds. This influx of new projects will provide our community with a range of new, diverse investment opportunities. As more projects join our platform, Seedling’s reputation as a leading launchpad will further grow, attracting even more projects and fostering a thriving ecosystem.

An increased incentive for Seedling projects to adopt Cherry’s tech

EVM integration means that projects raising funds on Seedling will have a stronger motivation and incentive to explore Cherry’s innovative technology stack and consider further integration. With the ability to utilize Ethereum-based smart contracts and seamlessly connect with Ethereum’s vast ecosystem, developers and projects will be able to easily leverage Cherry’s unique features and capabilities. This increased accessibility and compatibility will lead to deeper integration between projects, fostering a more robust and interconnected ecosystem that benefits all participants.

With EVM compatibility expected to go live on Mainnet in just a few weeks, this is a very exciting time for the entire ecosystem, that not only strengthens Cherry Network but also reinforces Seedling’s position as the native launchpad within the Cherry Ecosystem. We’re very positive about these new opportunities for our community and the projects we support as we continue to foster innovation and growth within the blockchain space.

In the meantime, be sure to keep your eyes on Cherry Network’s announcement channels, where the details of a bug bounty program for the EVM Testnet deployment will soon be announced!

Let’s embrace this exciting new chapter together!