Launchpad: MetaWear($WEAR) Token Sale

3 min readMar 18, 2022


In this remarkable, high time deal we managed to broker the last available allocation to MetaWear’s Seed Token Sale selling at a valuation of $0.003 per token. That’s a 40% discount compared to their IDO price scheduled for the 21st of March on major launchpads such as Seedify, RedKite, Ignition by Paid Network, and Trustpad.

We appreciate MetaWear’s interest in our platform, and their confidence in our community of investors.

And so without any further ado, here follows a description of the modalities by which this last minute Seed Token Sale will happen on Seedling:

MetaWear ($WEAR) Seed Token Sale

While the new tier system is not implemented yet, we will adopt the previous one. You are able to check your tier status on the top right corner of Seedling’s main page. All users from novice and above, will be able to purchase $WEARat a price of $0.003 each. The available allocation of MetaWear Tokens $WEAR for this sale is 23,333,333.333 $WEAR, or $70,000. Much like the previous token sales, we have devised a combination of guaranteed allocation and first-come, first-serve strategies:

The WEAR Seed Token Sale hosted by the Seedling Launchpad will begin at 15:00 GMT on March 19th, 2022. At this time, all users will be able to invest according to the following individual allocations:

  • Novice: $500
  • Junior: $750
  • Enthusiast: $1,000
  • Investor: $1,500
  • Seedler: $2,500

The one described above will remain the individual allocation distribution for the first 24 hours of the sale of MetaWear’s Seed Token Sale. At 15:00 March 20 2022, unless all 23.333 billion $WEAR are already sold, the allocations will increase to:

  • Novice: $1,000
  • Junior: $1,250
  • Enthusiast: $1,500
  • Investor: $2,000
  • Seedler: $3,000

Those with no tier will also become eligible to acquire up to $500 worth of $WEAR.

This will be the individual token allocation until 14:59 PM of March 21st, or until tokens run out — whichever is first.

About MetaWear

Metawear is an institution providing whole scale services on fashion product and collection virtualization and transformation services to textile industry giants. METAWEAR WEAR Token Utility $WEAR will act as a native utility token of the MetaWear® ecosystem. Users who hold, stake, or transact with $WEAR, will be given certain privileges and benefits. 10% of the entire $WEAR supply will be dedicated to growing the ecosystem by incentivizing new and existing users. These funds will be distributed among mostly design teachers, designers and their design offices within a few years period after the launch (includes referral payouts too). New tokens will not be issued once the user growth pool is exhausted.

The $WEAR token utility includes but not limited to the following: Purchases and transactions o NFTs of MetaWear® Products, MetaWear Office assets (e.g. Tools Designs and libraries), or collections. o Event tickets, premium access o Services (promotions or tools) NFT 2,0 Trade (Cross Platform Digital Wearable Clothes and Accessories Huge Library and Own Marketplace) , Digital Brand Transformation Payments, Shopping Mall Trade and Buy Back, Rent and Operate, Franchise NFT Fashion Stores Rent And Commissions, In game Fashion Collections and Purchasable tools Libraries ( Big Creator Ecosystem Billings) Event & Competitions Adam & Eve (Celebrity) Metaverse Meta-Human Fashion Models Fees and Fashion Shows. Event Cost in our Cross Platform Shopping Mall, Staking incentives Governance o Voting o Curation o MetaWear® memberships.

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