Launchpad: Opsya ($OPSY) Token Sale

2 min readFeb 23, 2022


In our previous newsletter edition we announced that our platform will be hosting an IDO of the Opsya project. Here are the details for participation.

Opsya ($OPSY) Public Sale

All users, including those with no tier, will be able to purchase $OPSY at a price of $0.033 each. The available allocation of Opsya Tokens $OPSY for this sale is 1,500,000 $OPSY, or $50,000. Much like the previous IDO, we have devised a combination of guaranteed allocation and first-come, first-serve strategies:

The Opsy Public Token Sale hosted by Seedling will begin at 15:00 GMT on February 26th, 2022. At this time, all users will be able to invest according to the following individual allocations:

  • Novice: $250
  • Junior: $250
  • Enthusiast: $250
  • Investor: $500
  • Seedler: $750

The one described above will remain the individual allocation distribution for the first 3 hours of the Public phase of Opsya’s IDO. At 18:00, unless all 1.5 million $OPSY are already sold, the allocations will increase to:

  • Novice: $250
  • Junior: $500
  • Enthusiast: $750
  • Investor: $1,000
  • Seedler: $1,250

Those with no tier will also become eligible to acquire up to $100 worth of $OPSY.

This will be the individual token allocation until 14:59 PM of February 27th, or tokens run out — whichever is first.

About Opsya

The Opsya team is developing a cryptocurrancy insurance platform built with investors in mind. This project aims to protect crypto investors through easy and accessible insurance for crypto wallets, smart contracts, and NFTs. Security is a primary concern for every web3 developer, exchange, marketplace, trader, or investor. Every year hundreds of millions of dollars are lost due to hacks, theft, loss, and scams. Something has to be done. While this risk is impossible to eradicate completely, Opsya aims to reduce their incidence through their advanced insurance products.

Check out their whitepaper:

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And check out their MVP decentralized application:

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Seedling is the first launchpad dedicated to launching projects on the Cherry Network, as well as the main blockchain networks such as Avalanche, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance SmartChain, Fantom, and others.

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