Seedling 2022 Roundup

3 min readJan 11, 2023


Dear Seedlers,

2022 has been an amazing year for Seedling. We’ve launched many high-quality projects, organized and attended several in-person events, established valuable partnerships with numerous organizations, and made countless improvements to the investment experience of our platform.

We’re hard at work on our brand positioning, marketing, and partnerships with individuals and firms that are able to bring us value. In this yearly roundup, we will be stepping back to take a look at the progress and achievements of Seedling in 2022…

Seedling’s Progress:

  • Project Launches: Seedling has held 9 Token Offerings on its platform in 2022, with 5 of them held in the past 4 months alone. Some of these projects include: Banger Games, Avem Network, Witly, XPMarket, Lumiii, and more. Moving forward, Seedling will continue to scout for high-quality projects with innovative solutions or strong backers, making sure only to launch projects that pass our due diligence.
  • Partnerships: Seedling has established several valuable partnerships and collaborations over the past year, some of them include: MH Ventures, CryptoGemas, Azbit, Coinstore, and more. Seedling has also expanded our internal networking, allowing us to be connected with dozens of VCs, CEXs, and KOLs, which will aid in providing more comprehensive incubation support for the projects launching on our platform.
  • Platform Improvements: 2022 saw an overhaul of Seedling’s allocation system into a tierless and more sustainable one. This allows Seedling to have the lowest barrier to entry of any similar platform in the launchpad industry. Back in September, Seedling introduced Flash Sales — a new method of raising funds that allows us to continue raising flexible amounts of allocation for innovative projects even amidst unfavorable market conditions. Aside from those, Seedling has also made countless UI/UX improvements, improving the user experience of our platform.
  • In-person Events: Seedling is proud to take part in the Cherry Ecosystem Meetup in Seville and Amsterdam back in June and July of 2022 respectively. Seedling also attended Token2049 held in Singapore back in September 2022, and the Web Summit in Lisbon back in November — where we had our own pitch competition.


  • Transition to a new unique Tireless Allocation System
  • Introduction of Burn for Allocation
  • Launch of our internship program
  • Meetups in Seville and Amsterdam
  • Introduction of Flash Sales
  • New Seedling Analysis Reports
  • Introduction of Monthly Newsletters
  • Started Community Giveaways with projects such as Witly and Avem Network
  • Participated in Latoken Listing Competition
  • Launched several courses on Cherry Labs University
  • Took part in Token2049 and Web Summit
  • Held a Pitch Competition at Web Summit
  • Listed on Azbit
  • Launch of Cherry Labs Consulting
  • Launch of Seedling Promise

Moving Forward

Seedling has come a long way in 2022, we’re now one of the most democratic fundraising platforms in the industry, allowing a wide range of retail investors access to presale rounds of innovative crypto startups.

We’re extremely grateful to everyone who has believed in us and stayed with us through 2022. Moving forward, the Seedling Team will continue to strive our best in searching for high-quality and innovative projects to bring to our investors. We will also continue making additions to our suite of incubation, marketing and consultancy services to provide projects with the most comprehensive incubation support.

Best Wishes,

Seedling Team 🌱

**We’d love to hear from you!**Do you happen to have any projects you want us to review or other forms of suggestions for our launchpad? Let us know! You can send your suggestions to any of our team members on our telegram or email us at

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Seedling is an emerging IDO launchpad and decentralized VC focusing on high-growth cryptocurrency investments. We are also the first native launchpad on the Cherry Network. Our team is dedicated to scouting the best projects launching in the cryptosphere and helping incubate them.

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