Seedling Introspective: AMA with Diego — March 16th, 2022

3 min readMar 22, 2022


On March 16th 2022, Diego released some comments and ideas on Seedling on an AMA hosted by the Cherry Network community. Here is the interview transcript, and Diego’s answers to some of the questions he addressed.


Since I started, the Seedling team has been really helpful and meticulous in all aspects. Community is a keyword in Seedling. Everyone is working really hard to create a significant impact in the space.

One of the first things I noticed was the need for a Spanish community. The team was really helpful and reactive in helping me get this up and running.
Secondly, I thought that to engage and benefit the community and introduce the idea and open up the platform to a more wide-ranging type of project, not just projects within the Cherry ecosystem but also other top projects. This is a direct benefit to all our token holders and investors. I’m also looking for additional pre-sale rounds, which I believe are essential during the current mark conditions. This is something I’ve been working on for the past week.
And lastly, one of the things that I believe is very important is to communicate with the community members, even one to one, to hear what they have to say; I’ve had many outcomes and ideas to what they have to say.

We are actively listening to our community which is key and well accepted. I encourage everyone to talk to me and approach me. I look forward to getting to know the Cherry and Seedling community over the next coming months.

Questions and Answers

Q: What attributes, acumen and potential does Seedling have that will set it aside from competing launchpads? What is the Seedling’s core value?

From my perspective, one of the differentiators is the community. Even though launchpads are community-based, Seedling actively listens to the community, reads the chat daily, and answers questions.
This launchpad is looking for future results. We’re not just a launchpad with no legal entity behind or is just acting as a commissioner or an intermediary between products and the community. We have the Cherry system to support us. I think Seedling will grow, other than the potential of just the Seedling token, purely based on the low supply of the token.

Q: What balance do you have between Cherry and non-Cherry projects over the next few months?

What I can say is that I have been actively looking for new projects from outside the Cherry ecosystem. I think there will be very interesting information and announcements in due time. I will be working hard towards signing the best deals and projects for Seedling.

Q: Will projects be signed exclusively to Seedling?

We currently don’t know, but this is an interesting question of whether Cherry incubated projects should be exclusive to Cherry. It’s important for investors to understand that allowing other VCs and maybe other launchpads to launch our projects can also mean a lot of marketing and traffic coming in for that launch, which means more people knowing the project, which means the price of the token would be more in demand and therefore increase. This is positive for our investors. So, although I can’t answer that question quite yet, this is something I can address in time.

Yes, it’s good to have a balance between Seedling exclusive launches and also good to have to be part of big launches that involve some other blue-chip, top name VCs and launchpads, so good to keep a healthy balance.

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