Seedling Newsletter #001 — October 2022

3 min readOct 4, 2022


Dear Seedlers,

Looking back on August and September, this has been an exciting couple of months for everyone at Seedling. We’ve introduced a few new features, made optimizations to our launchpad, and launched some quality projects.

In this, the first of our monthly newsletters, we’ll recap all the wins of the past few weeks, but first here’s a preview of what’s in store for October…

What you can expect from Seedling this month:

  • Project Launches: we’re finalizing the dates of our Private sale with Foxtrot — A sustainable Trading Card Lore Game, and we’ll introduce XPmarket — a one-stop ecosystem on Ripple aimed at unleashing the full potential of the XRP Ledger.
  • Marketing: October will see an overhaul of Seedling’s marketing. We are refining our brand positioning with a pitch and documentation refresh, establishing a KOL program to enter into partnerships with crypto influencers, and establishing deal flows and access systems to other investment channels.
  • Community: Seedling documentation update with a new gitbook; includes a better explanation of our launchpad system and up-to-date features developed recently. Also with walkthrough guides on how to navigate the Seedling platform. Alongside this, progress on the Cherry Labs University initiative to educate people about investing in Web 3, which will be translated into Spanish next week.

What’s New for the Seedling Platform:

  • Expanded community updates: we’ve launched our monthly newsletters to keep our community updated on the upcoming plans for our platform, as well as a rundown of the achievements in the past month.
  • Flexible Pools (Flash Sales): a new method of fundraising flexible pools, giving the flexibility of raising any amount of funds without any soft caps on funds raised. This allows us to conduct token offerings despite the unfavorable market conditions that often render launchpads inactive.
  • Seedling Analysis Reports: in the future, all sales on Seedling will come with detailed rundowns of the project’s details, tokenomics, utility, roadmap, and team. It will also feature a “pros & cons” section which aims to be an unbiased review of things we like and don’t like about a particular project.


Highlights of August and September:

  • Our Seed Sale with Lumiii: Seedling investors were the only community group to have access to Lumiii’s Seed Sale — which went on to secure a jaw-breaking ATH price of 14x above our initial investment price of $0.002.|
  • Our community giveaway alongside our private sale with Witly: the private sale concluded successfully, and we gave away a total of $250 (in stablecoins) + $1000 of launchpad allocation to the top contributors.
  • Cherry Labs University: Seedling has successfully launched the Investing in Web 3 topic which includes three courses: Launchpads, Tokenomics, and Initial Token Offerings.

Stay tuned to our social channels for further announcements this month.

Best Wishes,

Seedling Team 🌱

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