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3 min readFeb 22, 2023


Seedling is excited to announce its new partnership with Assure Defi, a company that provides the gold standard of verification for web3 projects. This partnership is aimed at reducing risk in the pre-sale cryptocurrency space and increasing investors’ confidence in Seedling’s offerings. Seedling is committed to supporting credible builders while holding bad actors accountable.

Cryptocurrencies have gained significant popularity in recent years, with many investors drawn to the potential for high returns. However, as with any investment, there are risks involved. In particular, investing in pre-sale cryptocurrency markets can be especially risky, with security and safety concerns being a significant factor.

Pre-sale cryptocurrency markets are a relatively new phenomenon, with investors purchasing tokens or coins in advance of the official launch of a cryptocurrency project. The idea behind pre-sales is to provide early investors with a discount on the price of the cryptocurrency, in exchange for their support in funding the development of the project.

While launchpads providing pre-sales can be a good way to get in on the ground floor of a promising project, there are a number of risks associated with this type of investment. One of the primary risks is the lack of regulation in the pre-sale market. Unlike traditional investments, pre-sales are not subject to the same level of oversight from financial regulators, which can leave investors vulnerable to fraudulent and unethical activities.

Another risk associated with pre-sales is the potential for the theft or loss of funds. Because pre-sales are conducted entirely online, they are vulnerable to hacking and other forms of cybercrime. If an attacker gains access to the funds invested in a pre-sale, there is no guarantee that investors will be able to recover their funds.

Additionally, pre-sales are often conducted by startups or new companies that lack a proven track record. This means that investors are essentially betting on the success of the project, which may not come to fruition. In some cases, the project may fail outright, leaving investors with nothing to show for their investment.

To combat this risks, Seedling and Assure Defi will work together to ensure that all verified projects meet our gold standard. This includes their world-class KYC verification, as well as a deep analysis of the team and their backers. This partnership is aligned with our goal of moving towards smarter investment and future innovation in the blockchain space. With this high standard, investors will feel more confident in their investments, and the acceptance of such technologies will increase.

Seedling and Assure Defi believe that accountability is vital in the web3 space. With smarter investment, blockchain technology can fuel future innovation. We envision a blockchain where all projects are verified, driving increased investment into the space, and improving the acceptance of such technologies in the wider world. We are committed to reducing fraud in the crypto space and making it safer for investors to confidently fund promising web3 initiatives without fear of fraud.

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