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3 min readNov 10, 2022


Dear Seedlers,

Seedling had the privilege of attending Web Summit 2022 which was held in Lisbon from 1st to 4th November 2022. During our week of attending main and side events, we met many interesting people and made many valuable connections with people and projects from both the Web 3 and traditional Web 2 industries.

Here is a recap of what we accomplished during our time there…

Day 1

Upon arriving in Lisbon, we started off by meeting with the other members of the Cherry Ecosystem and having some in-depth discussions about future plans for Seedling and Cherry Network as a whole.

After this, we attended the main Web Summit event, where we met many interesting Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 startups who we had deep conversations with to understand their needs, what form of incubation or fundraising support they are looking for, and how we can better cater to the needs of such startups. We also tuned in to some talks by reputable people in the industry such as CZ, CEO of Capchase, Director of Pitchbook, CEO of 1Password etc to gain some better insights about the industry from their perspective.

Day 2

We also met up with some of our partners and recent projects such as XPMarket, further strengthening our friendship and partnership with them. Afterwards, we chatted to many established projects such as Polkadot, Binance, and even Web 2.0 companies such as Google and Samsung, and had conversations about their thoughts of the future and how we can stand out and better adapt in this constantly evolving industry.

Day 3

We also had the chance to host our own Seedling pitching competition during the Night Summit where we talked to many startups and entrepreneurs who did informal pitches and explanations of their projects or future projects.

After having met so many budding projects during the first couple of days, we decided to link up with some of these disruptive minds at our Seedling Pitch Party during the final Night Summit event. The Seedling jury decided on a winner from all the entries. From our side, we introduced our unique platform to many investors in the space who weren’t familiar with launchpads, along with our unique deflationary tokenomic system and why we believe in the success of this platform.

Overall, we had a great and productive week in Lisbon where we established countless connections with prominent individuals and gained some insights and knowledge about the industry from the experts that we talked to. We hope this summary gives you a better idea of what we’ve been up to and have achieved during our time in Lisbon.

Best Wishes,

The Seedling Team 🌱

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Seedling is an emerging IDO launchpad and decentralized VC focusing on high-growth cryptocurrency investments. We are also the first native launchpad on the Cherry Network. Our team is dedicated to scouting the best projects launching in the cryptosphere and helping incubate them.

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