Weekly Update: Cherish is Funded; Opsya is Next

2 min readFeb 19, 2022


We apologize for the delay in this week’s newsletter. The team has been a bit overwhelmed with all that’s been going on with our project. Here are some of the things we’ve been working on so far behind the scenes.

1. Updates

The Cherish token sale is complete!

The team will manually review all contributions and audit the IDO. The final results should be in within 48 hours. You will then be able to review your contributions and token conversion in the investment panel of the Seedling.cm panel. Please check this is the case and reach out to our staff if you find any inconsistencies.

Both the strategic and public phases of the Cherish token sale have sold out comfortably within the 24 hours allocated to them. We are proud of the new system we enforced on these sales. Many investors managed to participate, and we successfully avoided the few-minute frenzy of first-come-first-serve.
We have learned a lot from this much slower format, and we will likely apply this newfound knowledge in our future sales. We will, however, aim to simplify the procedure further.

2. Upcoming IDOs

OPSYA: The Crypto Insurance, by investors for investors.
Website : https://www.opsya.org
Documentation : https://docs.opsya.org
Dapp : https://app.opsya.finance
Incubated by Cherry Labs ❌

Opsya is an interesting new project. Their entry in Seedling has now been confirmed, and we’ll finalize the dates of ther IDO shortly. You can expect a blog detailing Opsya and their IDO on Seedling by next week.

3. Projects Under Review

NervChain — NFT Trading Protocol
Website: https://nervchain.xyz/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NervChain
Documentation: https://papers.nervchain.xyz/
Incubated by Cherry Labs ❌

Cherry Orchard— Cherry Chain Yield Aggregator Protocol
Website: TBD
Twitter: TBD
Documentation: TBD
Incubated by Cherry Labs ✔️

IV. Conclusion

Users should look forward to an exciting future with Seedling. Token holders can expect improvements such as tier delegation and great incentives and advantages such as early access deals.

Make sure to follow the moves taking place in the Cherry Ecosystem overall. We expect a considerable volume of IDOs going through Seedling over the next weeks and months. We secured favorable conditions and early access thanks to our partnerships with Luben Capital, Cherry Labs, and Spherelink.

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