Weekly Update: Opsya Gets Listed

It’s only been a few days since our latest newsletter. We however thought best to return to the wednesday release schedule. This update will be brief and to the point.

1. Updates

The Opsya token sale is coming soon!

We just released a blog detailing the modalities of entry to the Opsya public token sale hosted on the Seedling platform. Read it here:

Make sure to join the whitelist in time: https://www.seedling.cm/projects/opsya

Stay tuned for further announcements. We are currently trying to organize an AMA hosted on the Seedling telegram channel with the Opsya team. This will be a great opportunity for our users to learn more about Opsya, its vision, and its team. We expect a final date to be finalized by tomorrow. Keep an eye on our announcement channels for that.

2. Upcoming IDOs

Cherry Orchard — Cherry Chain Yield Aggregator Protocol
Website: TBD
Twitter: TBD
Documentation: TBD
Incubated by Cherry Labs ✔️

We are coordinating with the Cherry Orchard team to support them in their token sale efforts as soon as they are ready to release their platform. We are personally very excited for this offering.

Cherry Orchard is a platform where DAOs may be formed to pursue an investment hypothesis or yield farming strategy. It will natively support the main stablecoins across fantom, avalanche, polygon, ethereum, and binance smart chain, as well as Cherry Tokens and smart contract tokens deployed on the Cherry Chain once its mainnet is release. Seedling plans to host an investment IDO on this platform to allow anyone to benefit from the use of the Seedling platform. More information about this will be shared in due time.

3. Projects Under Review

NervChain — NFT Trading Protocol
Website: https://nervchain.xyz/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NervChain
Documentation: https://papers.nervchain.xyz/
Incubated by Cherry Labs ❌

IV. Conclusion

Users should look forward to an exciting future with Seedling. Token holders can expect improvements such as tier delegation and great incentives and advantages such as early access deals.

Make sure to follow the moves taking place in the Cherry Ecosystem overall. We expect a considerable volume of IDOs going through Seedling over the next weeks and months. We secured favorable conditions and early access thanks to our partnerships with Luben Capital, Cherry Labs, and Spherelink.

About Seedling

Seedling is the first launchpad dedicated to launching projects on the Cherry Network, as well as the main blockchain networks such as Avalanche, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance SmartChain, Fantom, and others.

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